We work with a range of suppliers such as factories, importers, distributors and retailers to source new products for UK charity retailers. 

Our unique supply chain provides an opportunity for companies to commercially exit surplus product (such as bulk RTMs, oversupply, rejected product, late shipments and customer returns) from their business in a sustainable manner.

Beyond simply purchasing unwanted goods, we also provide a complete reprocessing service, from sorting, grading and warehousing to debranding, repackaging and distribution, enabling us to commercialise a wide range of goods in varying condition.

We are currently the only product sourcing company that exclusively supplies the UK charity sector – this is our sole commercial operation.


“I was delighted to visit White Brothers in my constituency and to present them with the award for “Most Supportive Supplier” from the Charity Retail Association.  White Brothers is a fantastic example of business working to support our charities to the advantage of both sectors.   I know how much hard work has been put in by all the staff and it is great to see the rewards of these efforts.”

David Cameron MP; Prime Minister



If you are interested in working with White Brothers or require further information please contact us.