We have successfully established ourselves as a highly valued, unique supplier to over 40% of the UK’s charity shops.

We supply new products that cannot be sourced elsewhere and this enables our customers to continually refresh their offerings to provide new, enticing lines to their shoppers – they are designed to complement the core donated product typically sold in charity shops. These new products are sold for profit in order to grow the charities retail businesses and to raise funds for their parent charities.

We solve a wide range of problems for our charity customers throughout the supply chain and tailor our services to complement our customer’s infrastructure and budget. For example we have very low thresholds for minimum order quantities or spends and we have a range of services such as out of season storage of excess donations, auto replenishment of core lines and a pre-retailing/barcoding service for all new goods we supply.

This flexible approach delivers significant benefits which other suppliers are unable to match and is a major factor in our success with our charity customers.

Our customer’s range from the largest national charities to locally based charities and hospices.

“The quality of our working relationship with White Brothers has been key in growing our New Goods strategy across our retail network. White Brothers continue to provide a range of products that suit our individual shops, rather than us needing to purchase a ‘blanket’ range of new products. White Brothers enable us to tailor our new goods needs accordingly. Also the speed from product selection to sending the stock direct to our shops has improved our ability to adapt to the changing market needs.”

Amy White; Trading Support Manager, CLIC Sargent

“Prior to working with White Brothers we found it difficult to source new products for our shops that could set us apart from our competitors on the high street Due to the unique way White Brothers source clearance products we now have a really strong range that offers great value to our customers and fit perfectly alongside the donated stock we sell.”

Dan Corns; Commercial Manager, St Richards Hospice

“Our New Goods sales have more than doubled in the last year, predominantly due to the success of the White brothers stock we sell, meaning more money for our Charity.”

Caroline Peach; Retail Manager, St Barnabas Hospice Lincolnshire

“White Brothers unique approach to sourcing product makes them a valuable partner to our charity retail business. In my opinion White Brothers offer a great example to all suppliers of how to operate a supportive and collaborative business”

Alison Whittingham; Managing Director, ExtraCare Shops Ltd

If you are interested in visiting our showroom or becoming a White Brothers customer please contact us or call 01993 709037.