Monthly Archives: June 2014

Winner of the Charity Retail Association “Most Supportive Supplier” award 2013 and 2014

We are proud to have won the Charity Retail Association’s “Most Supportive Supplier” award for two years running in 2013 & 2014. Supplying the UK charity sector is our sole commercial focus and we have earned a reputation as the supplier of choice for new products in the sector. We are recognised for the outstanding level of service we offer our customers and our tailored, flexible approach that accommodates our customer’s needs. This approach delivers significant benefits which other suppliers are unable to match.

“White Brothers continue to offer outstanding customer service in every aspect of their business. But more than that they are a true value added partner by offering services tailored specifically to us. This has enabled us to generate real bottom line results. Without the help of White Brothers these would not have been realised. White Brothers take the time to understand the challenges and issues we face as a business and are able to work with us to address these problems. They are able to offer us solutions based on the issues we face and not just on the products or services they offer.” Alison Whittingham, Extracare Shops Ltd

“Services such as small minimum order quantities means we can buy what we need and tailor orders to the demographics of our shops to improve sell through of new goods and products are packed to our requirements which means our warehouse team do not need to double handle product and hence saves time and money. Their flexible approach also helped us out with grading, pre-retailing and packing to shop level orders for an opportunity we had to purchase some high-end clothing from a national retailer. This fulfilment service was different to our usual relationship but within a couple of days we had a proposal and we got the product into our shops within 2 weeks and money into our tills!!! An excellent service that delivered considerable revenue without impacting the day to day retail operation.” Sarah Offill, Helen & Douglas House

These awards reflect perfectly the contribution we have made to the sector as a business, and we look forward to continuing the value add we deliver for the UK charity sector the future.